The old brick building on the southwest corner of King and Bannatyne is short and grey.

It isn’t colourful like the purple restaurant across the street. It isn’t new like the tall glass towers a few streets over.

It’s old and short and grey.

It’s easy to miss.

Inside that old and short and grey building, tucked in one corner, is King and Bannatyne, the sandwich shop.

King and Bannatyne is colourful. The wooden tables glow gold in the warm room.

King and Bannatyne is new. In fact, it’s the first specialty sandwich shop in Winnipeg.

It’s youthful and energetic and inspiring.

Don’t miss it.

Find the old, short, grey building and crawl into the little corner. Order a sandwich. Eat that sandwich. Love that sandwich.

King and Bannatyne only has three permanent items on its menu: River City Brisket, Porchetta, and Meatball. Despite the small menu, K&B – I’ve decided to call the restaurant K&B because I feel a special connection with the food, it really gets me – serves each with huge flavour.

Ew, goddammit, I sound like Guy Fieri.

Either way, K&B is dishin’ up some wacko sammies that are sure to take your radical taste buddies all the way to flavour town on the S.S. Tasty Express.

Ugh, may as well just embrace the Fieri.

Seriously, though. Go eat at King and Bannatyne. K&B. KB. Kibble-Bits. King and Banna. KingTyne. Whatever.

It’s new.

It’s awesome.

You’re awesome.

Those sandwiches are awesome.


Here’s what I had at King and Bannatyne:


Buffalo Chicken: Buffalo chicken, blue cheese slaw, and pickled celery. $9.00

Impression: Pretty. Super pretty. The sandwich came on a beautiful wood board with the clever K&B logo etched into the corner. The sandwich was warm and soft, balanced by the crunchy pickled celery.

What made it? Blue cheese slaw. Holy toledo, Mr. Fieri. Now that is some tasty-ass slaw. Blue cheese and buffalo is not an extraordinarily creative combination, but usually takes some finesse to pull off. The blue cheese was light and didn’t overpower the buffalo tang.

Well, thanks for hangin’ out. We’ve been all over the city checkin’ out some of the raddest sandwich-making machines. We’ve seen killer Banh Mi and wicked-awesome Clubhouses. We’ve seen some crazy pulled-pork and hot-damn steak. In January we’ll be back lookin’ for the craziest, wildest sandwiches we can get our mitts on.

Until then, I’m Jordan Power, and you’re reading Power

Goes Out

(to eat).

Damn it, Fieri.

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